State-certified mountain- and hiking guides

We have joined forces in order to share with you the things that unite us: passion, expertise and a sense of responsibility in all matters related to mountain sports. Here you can book a state-certified mountain guide for your very personal alpine adventure!

Private Guiding by Bergsportprofis

Price per person 3 hours (half day) 5 hours (one day)
2 people € 60,- € 80,-
3 people € 55,- € 75,-
4 people € 50,- € 60,-
5 and more people € 45,- € 55,-



1) Before setting out, be sure you are clearly aware of the difficulty and length of the climb up and back down again, along with current weather conditions and other variables
2) Choose a destination that’s within your personal limits
3) Have a full set of equipment that meets all safety standards
4) Never set out if there is a danger of thunderstorms
5) Carefully inspect the safety cable and all anchors
6) Check that your partner is geared up correctly before beginning
7) Maintain plenty of distance between climbers
8) Alert climbers ahead of you if you plan to pass them
9) Keep an eye open for falling rock
10) Respect nature and the environment