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Shoes for your children

Children decide for themselves: What world do they want to explore next?

Comfortably cushioned with a firm grip – the best combination to conquer the playground or spend hours on end having a great time out in the field. Austrian brand Superfit convinces with outstanding manufacture and attractive designs. Perfectly tailored to the needs of children’s feet, Superfit carries the youngsters on every imaginable adventure.

ChildrenOnly the best for her feet

The world of children is the focus

Did you know...

Worth knowing about children's feet

  • That ... 98% of people are born with healthy feet, but only 40% of them have healthy feet when you grow up?

  • That ... it takes about 16 years to the most important structures (bones, ligaments and muscles) have abgschlossen their development and the foot in its final form and strength.

  • That ... children's feet are much softer and more flexible, because only slowly develop their foot bones made of soft and cartilaginous structures.

Therefore note the following:
  • The right shoe for your Scion has a flexible sole, offers the length and width sufficient space and offers good support with every movement.

  • Rely not on trying on the thumb test, because most children automatically pull the toe-in. In addition, shoe covers are often so close and strong sewn, you can not really feel for the toe.

  • Check the result of the very rapid growth phases, the shoe size in about three months,